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The Electric Roller Garage Door industry is largely unregulated, this means that any Tom, Dick or Jane can sell you an electric roller door.
If you carry on reading, we hope to educate you further, so you may be able to ask the right questions, and therefore make an informed decision about what you are purchasing.


It would seem that there are hundreds of roller garage door manufacturers, this is not the case, many companies buy the door parts from the Main Manufacturer and build the doors themselves, often using cheaper components to reduce their manufacturing costs. Be sure to ask if they are the Main Manufacturer or a Dealer. Even the largest of the companies, offer a sub standard product as they build the doors to save costs.
Please read on and we will break down the door components.

Roller Garage Door Slats/Lathe

In the UK, you will be generally be offered two products, a 55mm or 77mm door, these sizes are with reference to the height of the lathe or slat, the slats are the foam filled aluminium strips that connect together to become the curtain. The curtain, is the part of the door that rolls up into a box at the top of your door.

The quality of these slats differ greatly, at the cheaper end of the market, these slats are not fit for purpose and greatly reduce your garage doors security. the thickness of the 55mm slats are different, the thicker the slat the stronger it is. If your door opening is wider than 2.5m, a 55mm slat is not aceptable, it offers very little security.

Generally, around the world the entry level product is a 77mm door, the UK has the 55mm product because our garage door openings are smaller.

We would always recommend purchasing a 77mm product if you can.

Roller Garage Door Motors

Domestic roller garage doors use a tubular motor, these motors fit into an aluminium barrel which rotate to lift the curtain into the open and closed positions. You can research these motors in more detail, but again ask who is the motor manufacturer and are the motors rebranded.

Somfy is widely regarded as having the best motors. You can tell how good the motor is by asking how long the motor warranty is. The warranty will range from 1 to 8 years, we don't need to mention how good a motor can be if only a 2 year warranty is offered.

Roller Garage Door Safety

This is where is gets a bit sketchy. We mentioned above that the Roller Garage Door industry is unregulated. What we mean by this is that although there is a governing body of sorts, they have no real power to deter the rogue traders of this world, and there are a few.

The main component here is a wired or wireless Safety Edge. The wired or wireless systems use either a light that shines through the bottom rubber, when the rubber compresses on an object it restricts the light from reaching the other end and stops and retracts the door away from the obstruction. The other is a resistive system, this is two wires that are embedded in the bottom rubber, when the rubber is again compressed the wires touch and stop the door. Other options can be offered such as a light guard, as you will see in the video, this is not a preferred option at all.

We also offer tha Ansa Roll-Smart safety system, we beleive that Ansa will become the leading safety product in the future.

Companies will lure you in with a cheap price, this price reflects the lack of safety and build quality, it is called Hold to Run, if you hear this option mentioned, we would recommend you go no further, once they get onto your door step, the final price will start to escalate, as the essential systems are added on to the final price.

The overall curtain weight of a 55mm door is quite low, so less damage occurs if it falls on someone or something, a 77mm door will do a great deal more damage, you must always make sure a 77mm door has a safety brake installed along with the recommended safety feature.


Another important aspect you might like to consider is the warranty. The warranty is offered on the motor and the door, usually they will be the same. Please check this information, you could be buying a door with a three year warranty and a motor with one. The longer the warranty, the better the peace of mind. A longer warranty surely means a better overall product?

So why choose Roller Garage Solutions?

Now you are equipped with a little more info, you have become a garage door expert, and know what to ask and what you need to have 😊
So why choose us?

* We only use Somfy motors on our Excel and Premium doors.
* We only offer full warranties.
* As a dealer, our doors are built by the manufacturer using all the correct components.
* No HOLD to RUN offered, full safety on all products as standard.
* Rated excellent on Trustpilot, from genuine feedback, not faked reviews.
* Honest and responsible advice given, we wish to help you make a good choice, not just sell you a door.
* Somfy smart home products.
* Long term loyalty, in the rare event you will need us again, we will always be there.
* Up front price for included products as standard.